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The CLIO Awards, an international competition showcasing the work of industry giants in advertising, design and communications, today announces a partnership with Billboard and Shazam on three song charts that measure the power of commercial synchs on breakthrough, classic and debut songs from the past year. The full charts will be unveiled on September 29 and will be celebrated at the 55th annual CLIO Awards on October 1. Singer Aloe Blacc, who tops the Breakthrough chart with “The Man” for Beats by Dr. Dre, will perform during the awards ceremony in New York City.


“Resonating with audiences around the world, Aloe Blacc is a huge addition to an already big year for CLIO and we congratulate him on topping one of our first-ever charts,” says CLIO Executive Vice President Nicole Purcell. “Along with his performance, it only made sense to partner with these major brands in music, Billboard and Shazam, to showcase the true power and creativity of music and marketing.”


The charts are part of the CLIO Music program, which recognizes work that pushes creative boundaries and demonstrates ahead-of-the-curve thinking in music, including artist self-promotion, music marketing and brand collaborations, as well as the use of music in advertising campaigns. Teaming up with media partner Billboard, the leading international source for news, trends and innovations in music, and Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps that connects people to the world around them through their mobile device, the chart lists created for this year’s program include:


  • Breakthrough, a commercial synch that helped an existing song reach new heights in popularity
  • Collaborative Debut, a commercial synch, utilizing a not-yet released song or commissioning a track specifically for that spot, whose premiere helped propel the track to prominence
  • Classic, a commercial synch of an older song that re-engaged and connected with a former audience while exposing the classic track to a new audience


“Commercials have served as an effective way to break new music or to propel current songs to even greater Billboard chart success, especially in recent years,” says John Amato, Co-President of Guggenheim Media. “We are proud to join forces with the CLIO Awards and Shazam to honor the most innovative and successful brand and musical integrations.”


Chart rankings are based on a combination of factors including overall Shazam tags, resulting sales and streaming totals, as well as creativity in musical integration.  


"For years now, we've known many of our 475 million global users are Shazaming commercials to identify the great songs,” says Peter Szabo, SVP, Head of Music at Shazam. “We're excited to partner with the CLIO Awards and Billboard to showcase the most popular ones. From brand new songs to older ones that get new life in a commercial, now everyone will know which ones captured the most attention.” 


First appearing on the scene with 2010’s breakout single “I Need a Dollar,” the soulful singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc continues his rise with his full-length debut album Lift Your Spirit. Including the chart-topping hit, “The Man,” Blacc is also known for co-writing and singing the hit “Wake Me Up,” a creative collaboration with EDM DJ Avicii.

For more information on the CLIO Awards and CLIO Music, visit:


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