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In 2013, The CLIO Awards launched a volunteer program that offered a select group of agency staff unprecedented access to our judging process. Volunteers are nominated by jurors from the previous year, with the final group selected by the CLIO team. The goal of the program is to offer insight into how the CLIO judging process works and present volunteers with the opportunity to network with global creative talent. In addition, as volunteers follow their jury through the entire process, they view a substantial amount of entries from around the globe, which offers inspiration and ideas that can be shared with their creative teams upon their return from judging.

  • "It is one of the most amazing experiences, and I was lucky to have come across this in its second year. I would highly recommend it for anyone who has the opportunity to come and learn, and see what goes on behind the curtain."

    Molly Parsley
    Pereira & O’Dell
    San Francisco
  • "The CLIO’s volunteer program is a very unique and special experience that I would 100% recommend to anyone who is afforded the opportunity. I don’t think it’s every day that someone who isn’t a top creative is able to be exposed to those kinds of conversations and dialogue"

    Jennifer Bernard
    Evolution Bureau
    San Francisco
  • “I think anyone can benefit from coming to program like this just because you’re learning so much about people’s insights behind what they’re voting in and you’re kind of getting a global perspective because so many people coming from different agencies all over the world.”

    Alexis Gianoulis
    Y&R New York
    New York
  • “I would recommend this program to people in my agency, at my network because I think it’s something worthwhile – and this experience the people from our company when they go to judge something, they come back and they tell everyone their experience, but when we are part of that and we are being with the jury all the time, it is a different perspective and I learn so much more.”

    Fabiana Antacli
    DM9 DDB
    São Paulo
  • “Being inside the jury room gives you a pretty good perspective in what jurors are looking for. I would recommend this program to anyone that’s involved in helping creative steer the award show circuit. It can be complicated and the more you know about the awards, the process, the categories – it helps, it all helps.”

    Ellie Parpis
    New York
  • “When something exceptional is in front of their eyes, you can see that the jurors are completely engaged. They move in a bit closer to the screen, listen more carefully and seem to know pretty early-- in the first 20-30 seconds—if the work has “it.” I think that is really cool to see, when the energy in the room lifts as a great case study is being viewed … I wholeheartedly believe that the “greatness” lies in the storytelling.”

    Linda Song
    Leo Burnett Australia
  • “I think the CLIO volunteer program is a great opportunity because it grants you the ability to meet creative people from all over the world. It was very interesting to take part in conversations between people from different agencies regarding current projects, what they think makes great work and the future of our industry.”

    Karen Garcia
  • “One thing that really impressed me about CLIO judging is just how international it is, and how many interesting people you get to meet. The group is comprised of some of the top creative minds in the industry, so it has been an absolute pleasure getting to speak with them about their work and views on the creative process. After watching so many case studies, I’m certainly going to take back some key lessons to share with my creative team.”

    Lauren Rubinfeld
    Ogilvy Entertainment
    New York
  • “Serving as a CLIO judging volunteer has been an awesome, amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to see a wide array of work across different categories and cultures. I have networked with judges from around the world and I have also had the experience of building a great relationship with the CLIO Awards team.”

    Linda Carlos
  • “It is an honor to be a part of the CLIO awards show experience. I learned so much about the entry process, as well as industry standards of excellence. Maybe most importantly, I learned what can make or break a case study—make them clear, concise and unique enough to stand out from the competition.”

    Emily Riddle
    New York
Volunteer Requirements:

Volunteers must be Awards Entries Managers or staff directly associated with the entries submissions process.

  • Ability to be onsite for 7 days of training and judging
  • While onsite, ability to dedicate 100% of your time during business hours to the judging process
  • Willingness to participate in brief online training prior to arrival at judging
  • Should be technologically proficient, especially with Mac
  • Must be nominated by a former jury member
Program Benefits:
  • Offer insight into how our process works, which will help you enter better
  • Network with top creative professionals from around the world
  • View large volume of work from around the globe that is sure to offer inspiration to share with your creative team
For more information, please contact Brooke Barasch at